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Ensitech (Australia)

TIG Brush Pre-Weld Cleaning Fluid TB-01

TIG Brush Pre-Weld Cleaning Fluid TB-01

Item Code: Ensitech TB-01

Item Type: Pre-Weld Cleaning Fluid


Removal of contaminants prior to welding is a sensible strategy to ensure that the best weld quality is obtained and then a quick and effective clean and passivation is achieved with the TIG Brush weld cleaning process.

Developed to remove residues such as light oils and greases on stainless steel surfaces. If contaminants are not removed, they can be included in the weld, leading to unsightly and difficult-to-remove inclusions in the weld. Using TB-01 first to remove these contaminants will ensure a cleaner weld and provide more efficient post-weld cleaning and passivation.

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