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Sandvik Hyperion (United States)

Sandvik Hyperion Solid Carbide Wear Parts

Sandvik Hyperion Solid Carbide Wear Parts


Sandvik Hyperion manufactures tailor-made wear-resistant components and offers services and application development expertise for all of your wear parts needs.


  • Dental
  • Stamping
  • Fluid Handling
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive

*Solid Carbide is also known as Cemented Carbide and Tungsten Carbide (WC)


Sandvik Hyperion manufactures tailor-made wear-resistant components and offers tailored services and application development expertise for all of your wear parts needs. We have a wide range of experience in the development, production, and application of cemented carbide (also known as solid carbide or tungsten carbide (WC)) and diamond wear components to improve the performance, productivity, and lifetime of your products.

Cemented carbides and composite diamond coatings for components and tool blanks where strength and resistance to high pressures, high temperatures, corrosion, and wear are critical

Industries Supported


Hyperion Materials & Technologies has been partnering with the medical and pharmaceutical industries for several decades creating tailor-made solutions. Our hard materials make your manufacturing processes run longer and more efficiently. We manufacture solid blanks, cone and bullet-shaped burs, and carbide tips and pellets, but have the expertise to develop tailor-made solutions for your needs.


  • Tested as non-cytotoxic according to EN ISO 10993-5:2009Reliable and consistent
  • H10F grade gives a long lifespan and reduced risk of breakage
  • Polished and ground finishes
  • Reduced delivery time



Hyperion Materials & Technologies’ engineers have the materials and production expertise to partner with you to solve your needs, from harder materials to uniquely designed shapes. We manufacture tools and components used by the electronics industry for producing IC lead frames, electronic connectors, LED supports, etc.


  • Ultra-fine grades provide an exceptional performance of sharp edge profiles
  • Sub-micron grades exhibit a lifetime twice those in electronic connector production
  • High accuracy on tolerances due to low thermal expansion coefficients



Whether you need to separate solids from liquids, homogenize fluids, or spray challenging liquids, Hyperion Materials & Technologies is the partner with your solutions. We manufacture a wide range of wear and corrosion-resistant carbide grades that help increase reliability by reducing downtime due to material failure. Decanter and centrifuge parts – wear plates, wear liners, tiles, and feed and discharge bushings | Homogenizer components – discs, pistons, valves, and seats | Spray systems – funnels, nozzles, orifice inserts, and swirl chamber designs.


  • Compliant with FDA and EC 1935/2004 requirements
  • Cemented tungsten carbide and Versimax® grades that provide extended operation with abrasive products at high pressures and temperatures
  • Outstanding wear resistance provides long service life for wetted parts



Reliability and wear resistance are critical in aerospace components. Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures parts for a wide range of aerospace needs: Helicopter rotors – bearings for a tail rotor, ball joints for links, and ball joint hinges for assembly for scissors | Jet engines – wear pads for blades contact points | Fan motors – blades for fan motors in air conditioning systems.


  • Reliability resulting from manufacturing with EN 9100:2018 and AS 9100:2016
  • Long service life over repetitive runs due to the high wear and abrasion resistance
  • High stiffnesses and low thermal expansion coefficients
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