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Nachi (Japan)

Nachi 13.1 mm to 14.0 mm L x D 2 Flat Carbide Drill

Nachi 13.1 mm to 14.0 mm L x D 2 Flat Carbide Drill

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Any AQDEXZ Series Drill between size 13.1 mm to 14.0 mm (Non-Through Coolant)
Drill Series: Flat Carbide Drill having Aqua EX (AlCrTiN+) Coating
Tool Material: Solid Carbide with Multi-layer AlCrTiN Coating and Lubrication Film
Workpiece Material: Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Non-ferrous Metals, etc.


Nachi is a global manufacturer of innovative products, including bearings, cutting tools, hydraulic equipments, robots, and high-speed steel. In the cutting tool division, Nachi manufactures drills, endmills, and taps engineered to meet and exceed the demands of the industry’s most precise machine tools.

Aqua EX Flat bottom drills are available in a wide range of premium performance styles and sizes, making Nachi the leading supplier in the market. Nachi flat bottom drills decrease process time, solve exit burr issues, and save on tooling costs thanks to their unique geometry and exclusive Aqua EX coating.


Suitable for counter-boring, drilling thin plates, and drilling intersecting holes.

  • One Drill does it all - Eliminates the need to use a center drill or end mill on inclined or curved surfaces
  • True 180° flat cutting edges create minimal exit burr
  • The intermediate double margin ensures highly accurate boring and controls oversizing


    Flute Length (l)  60 mm (for Drill Size 13.1 mm to 13.3 mm)
    61 mm (for Drill Size 13.4 mm to 13.6 mm)
    63 mm (for Drill Size 13.7 mm to 14.0 mm)
    Total Length (L) 100 mm
    Shank Dia (Ds) 12 mm
    Point Angle 180°
    Drill Material Solid Carbide
    Drill Coating Multi-layer AlCrTiN Coating with Lubrication Film
    Coating Color Aqua Blue
    Brand Nachi (Japan)
    Catalogue (PDF) Download Here
    Authorized Distributor Certificate View Here


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