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Nachi (Japan)

Nachi 1.41 mm to 1.5 mm L x D 5 AquaREVO Micro Carbide Drill

Nachi 1.41 mm to 1.5 mm L x D 5 AquaREVO Micro Carbide Drill

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Any AQRVDM5D Series Drill between size 1.41 mm to 1.5 mm (Non-Through Coolant)
Drill Series: AquaREVO Micro Carbide Drill
Lc: 10.2 mm (L x D 5)
Tool Material: Solid Carbide with Multi-layer REVO-D Coating and Lubrication Film
Workpiece Material: Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Non-ferrous Metals, etc.


Nachi is a global manufacturer of innovative products, including bearings, cutting tools, hydraulic equipments, robots, and high-speed steel. In the cutting tool division, Nachi manufactures drills, endmills, and taps engineered to meet and exceed the demands of the industry’s most precise machine tools. 

AquaREVO carbide drills are designed to improve all facets of drilling. Its unique design performs at a high level at various speeds and feeds in a wide range of materials. An all-new substrate, geometry, and coating provide long tool life, even at heavier feed rates. REVO is offered in solid carbide, coolant-through carbide, and micro carbide options.


Achieves long tool life that is hard to break and stable cutting with little dispersion, required for small-diameter drills.


  • Newly developed carbide material for micro drills that is hard to break
  • Both hardness and toughness are improved by using ultra-fine carbide particles


  • A flute shape that emphasizes rigidity and chip evacuation
  • AquaREVO Micro Drills have 1.2 times the breaking torque of competitor's drill


  • Stable tool life with accurate film thickness control - even in small diameter drills
  • Super smooth surface treatment reduces resistance during cutting and enables smooth chip evacuation


Flute Length (l) 10.2 mm (for Drill Size 1.41 mm to 1.45 mm)
10.5 mm (for Drill Size 1.46 mm to 1.5 mm)
Neck Length (L1) 14.1 mm (for Drill Size 1.41 mm to 1.45 mm)
14.3 mm (for Drill Size 1.46 mm to 1.5 mm)
Total Length (L) 38 mm
Shank Dia (Ds) 3 mm
Point Angle 135°
Drill Material Solid Carbide
Drill Coating Multi-layer REVO-D Coating with Lubrication Film
Coating Color Aqua Blue
Brand Nachi (Japan)
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