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HKG (India)

HKG Locking Washer MB 13

HKG Locking Washer MB 13

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Item Code: MB 13

Item Type: Locking washer

Inner Diameter (ID): 65 mm


A locking Washer is a simple, reliable element for securing Lock Nuts. They have an inner tab and several outer tabs evenly spaced around the circumference. The inner tab grips the adapter sleeve or the shaft, and one of the outer tabs is bent to give location in the slot of the nut.

HKG has emerged as one of the most prominent manufacturers of Adapter Sleeves, Withdrawal Sleeves, Lock Nuts, Locking Washers, Hydraulic Adapter Sleeves, and Hydraulic Withdrawl Sleeves. The brand is widely appreciated for its durability, dimensional accuracy, corrosion resistance, and efficient performance.

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